“You Have to Know How to Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bone”

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I was following a recent Facebook post that a young lady wrote explaining that she hated webinars.  The women commenting had a variety of reasons including: they’re a waste of time, they never provide value, and they should just tell what the offer is and how much it cost.  “Stop wasting everyone’s time!” She suggested.

It led me to want to know:

What would you like to see instead?

  • A live video on a business page?
  • A static (no video at all) offer up front of the course being sold?
  • The thought behind webinars is you server your audience before you ask them to buy from you… Would you be less likely to buy if you’re not first provided value because you want to know the offer up front?

Any insight is helpful and super interesting to me!

Here are my thoughts:

I love webinars that are meaningful and valuable. The problem with some webinars, which is what leads to the ill feelings described above, it that the business does not provide any usable information or convince you that they are the most logical solution to the issue you want help with. Several of the webinars make a claim to reveal some amazing information (how I lost 75 pounds in just 4 months without counting calories…..) or (Watch this powerful and proven method to scale your business to 6 or 7 figures in just 12 months). But when you watch the video, they just repeatedly state how much they make while standing in front of their million dollar homes and luxury cars. No value in the information, not one thing learned, and 45 minutes of your time lost to some completely useless BS. It really gives a bad name to those who really do have great content that can improve lives even if you don’t make a purchase. I viewed a webinar that was so insightful and solution-based for me that I made up my mind to hire this coach before ever getting on the phone with her. Because no one gives away everything for free. That’s understood. So if she could share that much information and shift my business in 45 minutes, I knew 8-weeks with her would be life altering! And it has made all the difference. My grandmother would always tell us that with anything, “You have to know how to eat the meat and spit out the bone.” Great advice even in business!

Connie Bobo

Connie Bobo

Award Winning Nonprofit Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Coach, Speaker, and Author.

Connie’s diverse background demonstrates her commitment to serve the community and her passion to see people thrive. She owns and operates three successful businesses and currently holds a bachelor of art in Corporate Communications and several certifications. She comes with over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector where she enjoys helping community-based organizations strengthen their capacity and make a difference in the communities they serve. As the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Wisdom Business Solutions, Ms Bobo published an online coaching curriculum designed to help nonprofits gain more visibility and secure the funding they need to become more relevant. When she’s not hard at work, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family. One paragraph doesn’t offer much information, but you can find out more about Ms Bobo by visiting her website’s “About” page at www.infinitewisdombiz.com/about-us.


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