It’s Hard Out Here [For A Nonprofit]

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With tears in her eyes, she said, “This was a lot of work.  I poured my all into this program.  Walking away from this is the hardest decision I’ve ever made.  But I am tired.  I’m tired, and drained.  I feel so broken and out of place.  I honestly don’t know if I have it in me.”

I’d met this young lady who was preparing to close her organization just as my friend was about to launch her business. The contrast between the despair and the hope was palpable. She was tired, ready to sell off her equipment, broken, and alone. So I asked her one simple question, “Are you finished, or do you have the energy to give this one more try?” If she was willing to give me just five weeks, I knew I could help her turn things around.

In those five weeks, we

  • Increased her program participation rate by 315%
  • Increased her operating revenue by 300%
  • Created one full-time and three part-time employment opportunities
  • Accessed multiple free and reduced-price resources which allowed her to scale the organization and operate more effectively and efficiently

Unfortunately, her story is not unique.  So many organizations are struggling daily just to keep the lights on.  And it’s not for lack of trying.  Founders, Executive Directors, Pastors, even Ministers are toiling day and night- doing everything they know to do, just to keep hitting brick walls.  Effort after effort after effort.  Yet no outcomes.

Of all the hardships my clients have confessed over the years, these are the top three:

  1. I’m writing grant after grant proposal and every one of them gets rejected.  I am so tired of getting “Dear John” letters.
  2. I’ve tried everything to get help from volunteers, family, friends, and membership but no one is committed. People just aren’t loyal anymore.
  3. I’ve tried to fundraise through GoFundMe and Facebook but not one person made a donation.

You may not want to hear this, but I’m not surprised that these tactics failed.  Yes, there’s billions of grant money out there to help fund your organization’s activities.  But your organization has to be built on a firm foundation first.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- do not write any grants without a firm foundation.  Corporations and foundations are ready and eager to fund high quality, reliable organizations that impact communities where they do business.  But your organization has to look like the solution to the problem they want to solve.  You can’t look like the solution if you’re not even visible.

That’s what I help my clients do. I help them become visible.

Not only to corporations and foundations, but to individuals and families who are seeking opportunities to help as well.   People are searching every day for volunteer opportunities and even “right-fit” organizations to sponsor or donate to.  So here is the question, “Are they able to find you?”  And just as important, “Do you know how to find them?”

Forget the GoFundMe campaigns and Facebook fundraising. Those only work with the right visibility. The Campaigns like Ferguson Unrest that started to help vandalized businesses after the tragic death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The reason that campaign was so successful was because it made national news. You don’t have to be in the middle of national news to get help, but you do have to be visible.  

My name is Connie Bobo, and I am the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of “Mind Your Mission™.”  I help churches and nonprofits impact the communities they serve by giving them field tested ways to secure funding, increase capacity, and become deeply relevant in the immediate term.

If you are tired of trying everything you can possibly think of to gain momentum with your organization, just to end up still struggling and at a loss, it’s time for you to sit down, and speak with an experienced professional.  Capacity building is my strength.  Capacity building is the process by which organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity (larger scale, larger audience, larger impact, etc).

And an organization cannot be truly successful unless it has the capacity to carry out its mission.

What your organization really need is a “Roadmap to Revenue Overflow!”  I’ve developed a simplified system to walk you through a process that’s guaranteed to increase your revenue, strengthen your capacity, and establish you as the valued change agent you are.  Schedule your Clarity Call with me today, and let’s get you on the “Road to Revenue Overflow!” 

Connie Bobo

Connie Bobo

Award Winning Nonprofit Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Coach, Speaker, and Author.

Connie’s diverse background demonstrates her commitment to serve the community and her passion to see people thrive. She owns and operates three successful businesses and currently holds a bachelor of art in Corporate Communications and several certifications. She comes with over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector where she enjoys helping community-based organizations strengthen their capacity and make a difference in the communities they serve. As the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Wisdom Business Solutions, Ms Bobo published an online coaching curriculum designed to help nonprofits gain more visibility and secure the funding they need to become more relevant. When she’s not hard at work, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family. One paragraph doesn’t offer much information, but you can find out more about Ms Bobo by visiting her website’s “About” page at


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